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“Delish D’Lites Personal Chef Service is what you need at every dinner party and event! I decided to do business with Delish D’Lites because I follow Jannese’s blog and Instagram accounts and every meal I saw I wanted to eat it off my screen. The food at the bridal shower was delicious and the talk of the party. I was so impressed with the professionalism and service. I could not have been happier with her service, everything was done in a timely manner and it was a relief to know that the food was taken care of while I had other responsibilities to take care of that day. She will surely be on my speed dial for any event that I host.  When you have Delish D’Lites at your event, you will know that it will be a success.”
– Ashley P. – Private Event Catering Client


“It was easier working with Delish D’Lites because it took the stress off of feeding a large group of people while maintaining a great level of professionalism.  Also added a touch of class to the event, which was unexpectedly appreciated.  You have great work ethic and with your vast knowledge of different cuisines, you’d be a great teacher. I know I’m still getting compliments on the food and the service.  FYI- My fiancé was so impressed by you that we are considering getting a few cooking classes from you after the wedding. Thanks so much!”
– Giselle M. – Private Event Catering Client


“The food is amazingly delicious…very convenient…low cal recipes with wonderful flavors!”
– A.Cadenas – Online Order Client


I decided to do business with Delish D’Lites because of the recipes on Instagram.  Jannese would express such joy and passion in her cooking that it made me want to cook. I can follow a recipe but I lacked the motivation to care about cooking until I got tired of my teenage boys complaining about my lack of flavor. So I saw that Jannese offered cooking lessons, so I figured that I could get me and the boys excited about cooking.  Why pay for lessons when you can read a recipe or watch a cooking lesson on TV?  You have a chef right in your kitchen giving you valuable advice about the right kind of cookware and the essentials to keep in the kitchen. I knew that I needed a swift kick in the pants to start cooking. It’s sort of like hiring a personal trainer for your fitness regime.  Jannese geared me and the boys up to get excited to cook and she encouraged our inner chef. It was an awesome bonding experience.  Jannese was very patient with my boys. I was thrilled to see my oldest son chopping up vegetables and my youngest son asked her many questions. If you need a little motivation to start cooking, contact Jannese for cooking lessons and a kitchen consultation.
– Sandra C. – Cooking Class & Kitchen Consultation Client

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