Hi There! I'm Jannese

I’m the founder of Delish D’Lites, a food blog dedicated to my one true love – Latin food!

Born And Raised In A Puerto Rican Family

Food has always been a central theme in my life, and making good food that makes people happy is what it’s all about for me. I’ve been passionate about cooking since the age of eleven, when I got my first crack at cooking family dinners to help my mom manage a super busy household!

I’m A Jersey Girl, Born And Raised

Currently residing in Florida with my neurotic miniature Dachshund named Zoe and a paranoid Yorkie named London. They also happen to be my biggest fans in the kitchen.

I created Delish D’Lites in 2013 as a creative outlet AKA a coping mechanism to my soul sucking corporate job. Since then, the blog has flourished to be a one stop shop for lovers of Latin food!

All my recipes are inspired by my Puerto Rican heritage, my love of travel, and my obsession with all things food!


Aside from creating, photographing and eating Latin recipes I…

Am a licensed Zumba instructor

Love traveling, and enjoying nature

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Here at Delish D’Lites,  you’ll find a mix of all your favorite authentic Puerto Rican recipes as well as Latin-inspired dishes with a twist!

Anything from classics Arroz Con Gandules and Pernil to ooey-gooey Cuban Sandwich Empanadas and delicious Coconut Flan!