How To Freeze Bacon

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How To Freeze Bacon| Delish D'Lites

If you’re like me, you’ve brought home a pack of bacon, cooked up a few slices, and popped the rest into the freezer, only to have a solid block of bacon that is impossible to separate without defrosting!  For so many years, I spent hours chiseling away at frozen bacon slices (while cursing my life away).  There must be a better way, and finally, there is!  I’m here to show you how to freeze bacon.  This brilliant trick will ensure easy access to bacon, in no time at all!

How To Freeze Bacon

1. Separate each slice.

2. Roll each slice of bacon into a coil.

3. Place the bacon coils onto a plate lined with wax paper.

4. Freeze the coils until frozen solid.

5. Remove the frozen bacon from the plate and place them into a zip top freezer bag.

How To Freeze Bacon| Delish D'Lites

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How To Freeze Bacon


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  1. I always keep extra bacon in the freezer. When I want to use it, I run cold water into the sink, put the package of frozen bacon in it, and in 20 – 30 minutes it’s completely thawed. 🙂 No tearing or chiseling.
    I love your site!

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