15 Recipes For An Authentic Puerto Rican Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving AKA San Gibin is celebrated in Puerto Rico just like it is in the U.S. but the flavors you’ll experience are wildly different. These 15 recipes are essential to prepare a host an authentic Puerto Rican Thanksgiving.

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Thanksgiving AKA San Gibin is celebrated in Puerto Rico just like it is in the U.S. but the flavors you’ll experience are wildly different. These 15 recipes are essential to prepare and host an authentic Puerto Rican Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving has always and will always be most favorite holiday. I love the pageantry of it all; the shopping, the prep, the cooking, and most importantly, the feasting! When Puerto Rico became an American territory in the late 1800s, they adopted many Thanksgiving customs while putting their own twists on the holiday. These 15 recipes are a taste of how we Puerto Ricans celebrate Thanksgiving. Warning, once you have a Puerto Rican Thanksgiving, you won’t go back!

Pavo Relleno de Mofongo (Mofongo Stuffed Turkey)

Pavo Relleno De Mofongo (Mofongo Stuffed Turkey) | Delish D'Lites

Mofongo is a traditional Puerto Rican dish that consists of fried plantains, garlic, fried pork rinds and salt, smashed in together in a pilón, a wooden mortar and pestle tool that is an essential in Puerto Rican homes. This recipe for mofongo stuffed turkey uses a mofongo-style stuffing to bring a Puerto Rican flair to your Thanksgiving table. GET THE RECIPE HERE

Arroz Con Gandules (Puerto Rican Rice with Pigeon Peas)

Arroz Con Gandules | Delish D'Lites

There’s nothing more quintessentially Puerto Rican than arroz con gandules.  For holidays, birthdays, baby showers, and more, if there’s a party, this dish will be there. GET THE RECIPE HERE.

Slow Cooker Pernil (Puerto Rican Roasted Pork Shoulder)

Slow Cooker Pernil | Delish D'Lites

This slow cooker Puerto Rican pernil is tender, moist, juicy, aromatic, and shreds like pulled pork with no effort, just a slow cooker! GET THE RECIPE HERE.

Pavochon: Thanksgiving Turkey Puerto Rican Style

Pavochon (Puerto Rican Style Turkey)

Pavochon (Thanksgiving Turkey Puerto Rican Style) is a whole turkey that’s seasoned and cooked like Puerto Rican roast pork! It’s garlicky, herbaceous, and just plain, freaking delicious. GET THE RECIPE HERE.

Coquito (Puerto Rican Coconut Rum Drink, Egg-Free & Vegan Versions)

Coquito (Puerto Rican Coconut Eggnog) | Delish D'Lites

Coquito means “Little Coconut” in Spanish, and is a traditional Christmas drink that originated in Puerto Rico. If you like coconut and rum, you’ll love Puerto Rican Coquito!

Tostones (Fried Plantains) with MayoKetchup


One of those delicious things I just can’t get enough of are tostones (twice fried plantains).  Yes, they’re as decadent as they sound. GET THE RECIPE HERE.

Coconut Cream Cheese Flan (Flan De Coco)

This is a classic coconut flan recipe that your friends and family will beg for over and over again. GET THE RECIPE HERE.

Pasteles De Masa (Puerto Rican Pasteles)

Puerto Rican Pasteles de Yuca | Delish D'Lites

For Puerto Ricans, it isn’t officially the holidays unless there are pasteles on the table. These lovely banana-leaf wrapped treats are one of 3 must-have dishes on the menu during the holiday season, along with arroz con gandules and pernil. GET THE RECIPE HERE.

Puerto Rican Potato Salad (Ensalada De Papa)

Ensalada De Papa (Puerto Rican Potato Salad)

A staple at every party, celebration, and holiday, Puerto Rican Ensalada De Papa is a must-have dish at your fiesta. GET THE RECIPE HERE.

Budin (Puerto Rican Bread Pudding)

Budin (Puerto Rican Bread Pudding)

Budin, or Puerto Rican Bread Pudding is a bread dessert that’s very popular in Puerto Rico, especially during the holidays. Unlike American bread pudding, Puerto Rican budin is served at room temperature or preferably cold. GET THE RECIPE HERE.

Guineos En Escabeche (Green Banana Salad)

Guineos En Escabeche (Puerto Rican Green Banana Salad)

Guineos en escabeche is a pickled green banana side dish that is very popular in Puerto Rico. This dish is often served for special occasions around the holidays. GET THE RECIPE HERE.

Ensalada de Pulpo (Octopus Salad)

Ensalada de Pulpo (Octopus Salad) | Delish D'Lites

A traditional Puerto Rican delicacy, Ensalada de pulpo (octopus salad) is a vibrant, fresh seafood salad that is perfect for holiday celebrations. GET THE RECIPE HERE.

Pastelón (Sweet Plantain Lasagna)

Pastelón (Sweet Plantain Lasagna)

Pastelón is a classic Puerto Rican dish made with layers of thinly-sliced sweet plantains, ground meat, and cheese! Think of it as a Puerto Rican version of lasagna. It’s the perfect casserole to make for a potluck or family gathering. GET THE RECIPE HERE.

Natilla (Puerto Rican Custard Dessert)

Natilla (Puerto Rican Custard Dessert)

A direct descendant Spanish Crema Catalana, Puerto Rican natilla is a rich milk custard flavored with cinnamon & lemon. It’s decadent, creamy and delish! GET THE RECIPE HERE.

Arroz Con Dulce (Puerto Rican Coconut Rice Pudding)

Arroz Con Dulce (Puerto Rican Coconut Rice Pudding) | Delish D'Lites

This coconut-based Puerto Rican rice pudding that’s deliciously sweet and scented with lots of holiday spices like cinnamon, ginger and cloves. Arroz con dulce is one of those dishes that takes me right back to the holiday season. GET THE RECIPE HERE.

Enjoy these Puerto Rican holiday recipes for your Thanksgiving feast, and be sure to check out these 15 Latin Recipes for Thanksgiving Leftovers!

15 Recipes For An Authentic Puerto Rican Thanksgiving


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